Golf Training System using VIrtual shadow

In this study, we propose a self sports learning system that gives multimodal feedback difference of motions in real time. Damp- ing DTW(Dynamic Time Warping), a proposed algorithm in this paper, allows the user to dynamically change the motion speed and repeat the certain motion without additional operation, therefore, the user can imitate the expert’s motion conveniently and accurately. The system provides two modes (training mode, replay mode) for learning a expert’s motion and the user can imitate the expert’s motion briefly through audio-visual feedback when training a motion, and after the training, the user can compare the difference of motion between themselves and the expert in detail. All feedback generated through the system is provided to the user by a mixed reality head-mounted display, therefore, the user can perceive the difference of the motion between a user and an expert in three dimensions, and can be immsered in the training.


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