aquafall Display

AquaFall Display can make a screen appear and disappear in an empty space in a short time, making it possible to display the image of the projector beautifully. In addition, objects can freely move in and out of the screen surface. With the AquaFall Display, we have created a white, completely opaque screen with a smooth surface in the air by filling the enclosed space with dense fog created by waterfalls flowing down from four slits in a square shape. Because of its high light scattering and reflectivity, it can be used even in bright surroundings. Because it consists of water and water fog, it is possible to penetrate an object or a human body from the front to the back of the screen surface, or from the back to the front, during the display. Because the screen is opaque, real people and objects can suddenly jump out of the image, making it possible to create new digital signage, games, attractions, and stage productions in amusement facilities.

Media and Exhibitions: