Two-handed Drawing on Augmented Desk

We developed a two-handed drawing tool on our augmented desk system. Using our real-time finger tracking method, a user can draw and manipulate objects interactively by his/her own finger/hand. Based on the former work on two-handed interaction, different roles are assigned to each hand. The right hand is used to draw and to manipulate objects. Using gesture recognition, primitive objects can be drawn by users' handwriting. On the other hand, the left hand is used to manipulate menus and to assist the right hand. By closing all left hand fingers, users can initiate the appearance of structured radial menus around their left hands, and can select appropriate items by using a left hand finger. The left hand is also used to assist in the performance of drawing tasks, e.g., specifying the center of a circle or top-left corner of a rectangle, or specifying the object to be copied.