3-D interaction with a large wall display using transparent markers

In this paper we proposed a new interface for interacting with large displays via small video devices such as a cell phone. We estimate the location of the camera relative to the display using a matrix of transparent markers embedded on display. As a result, our interface allows the user to interact with digital contents without being distracted by opaque visual markers. Our interface enables intuitive interactions such as pointing, rotating, dragging and dropping. Moreover, our use of a small hand-held camera device allows for interaction with large scale displays without the need for direct contact with the display surface. Thus our system is well suited for interactions when there is some distance between the user and the display. Our proposed system has applications to large scale advertisement displays and can enable interactions between individuals and large scale digital content.

Akito Hyakutake, Koichiro Ozaki, Kris Makoto Kitani, Hideki Koike, 3-D Interaction with a Large Wall Display using Transparent Markers, Proc. of Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2010), pp. 97-100, 2010.