InteractiveTops: Enhanced Interaction with Physical Toys

We developed an entertainment system that enhances the experience of playing with tops by employing augmented reality technologies. A tabletop system tracks the positions and rotation speeds of multiple tops with a high-speed camera and displays audio and visual effects. A hand-held device, called an accelerator, enables virtual physical contact between the user and top by allowing the user to move and accelerate the top and obtain force feedback from the top. We propose a top battle game in which the player interacts directly with tops.

Yasushi Matoba, Toshiki Sato, Hideki Koike: Enhanced Interaction with Physical Toys, Proc. of ACM Interactive Tabletop and Surfaces (ITS 2011), pp.57-60, 2011.

Toshiki SATO,Yasushi MATOBA, Hideki KOIKE: InteractiveTop: An Entertainment System that Enhances the Experience of Playing with Tops, Proc. of Laval Virtual VRIC 2011 (Digital Library), #93, 2011.