Displaybowl: A bowl-shaped display for omnidirectional videos

We introduce DisplayBowl which is a concept of a bowl shaped hemispherical display for showing omnidirectional images. This display provides three-way observation for omnidirectional images. DisplayBowl allows users to observe an omnidirectional image by looking the image from above. In addition, users can see it with a first-person-viewpoint, by looking into the inside of the hemispherical surface from diagonally above. Furthermore, by observing both the inside and the outside of the hemispherical surface at the same time from obliquely above, it is possible to observe it by a pseudo third-person-viewpoint, like watching the drone obliquely from behind. These ways of viewing solve the problem of inability of pilots controlling a remote vehicle such as a drone to notice what happens behind them, which happen with conventional displays such as flat displays and head mounted displays.


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