gaze navigation in the real world

We proposes a method for gaze navigation in the real world by projecting an image onto a real object and changing its ap- pearance. In the proposed method, a camera captures an image of objects in the real world. Next all the pixels in the image but those in a specified region are slightly shifted to left and right. Then the obtained image is projected onto the original objects. As a result, the objects not in the specified region looks blurred. We conducted user experiments and showed that the users’ gaze were navigated to the specified region.


- Junpei Miyamoto, Hideki Koike, Toshiyuki Amano: Gaze Navigation in The Real World by Changing Visual Appearance of Objects Using Projector-Camera System, in Proc of ACM Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST2018), article 14, 2018. (PDF)