Sand to Water

Recently, there has been a renewed interest in Fluidized Bed Interface. It can give us the haptic feedback of sand and fluid reversibly, but exhibits difficulty in visually changes. So, we proposed a novel spatial augmented reality technique to provide the visual liquidness impression. Our system gives visual feedback to users by projecting liquid images on the surface of the interface. The image is generated on the basis of human visual cognition and is different from a mere fluid simulation. As the result, the visual liquidness of our system was emphasized compared to the Fluidized Bed Interface. In addition, the effect of emphasizing visual liquidness is confirmed in the fluidized bed phenomenon, and it is found out that our system is superior in displaying a liquid image. Our system is expected not only to be applied in entertainments but also to contribute to the elucidation of human liquid cognitive mechanisms.


  • Keishiro Uragaki, Yasushi Matoba, Soichiro Toyohara, Hideki Koike: Sand to Water: Manipulation of Liquidness Perception with Fluidized Sand and Spatial Augmented Reality, in Proc. of ACM Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS'18), pp.243-252, 2018. (PDF)