Aquatop Display

About AquaTop Display

AquaTop Display is a projection system that uses white water as a screen surface. With this device, users are given the possibilities of interactions from both above and below the water surface. Scooping up water, and poking one's fingers from under the surface is one such example. Through the Aquatop Display, we hope to revolutionise digital water interaction by offering an 'immersive' experience.


The goal of the Aquatop Display was to remove the risk of electronics in a wet environment (smartphones in the bath) whilst innovating new techniques for interaction with challenging materials such as water.


The unique charactistic of water is that it allows for both interaction underneath and above the surface. By allowing the user to " immerse " themselves in the water, it is possible to let the users become one with the virtual world realised in the display.


In Japan, the bathing culture is very prominent and so it the use of products. The idea came from the use of commercialised bath salts that cloud the water. The surface of milky water can then be used as a projection surface. The more cloudy the surface, the more clear the projected images are.


The Aquatop Display can be recreated with an affordable depth camera (Microsoft Kinect) and a standard projector. Clouding agent can be off-the-shelf bath soaps found in most stores. Feedback found in the game application, seen above, is from a custom-built waterproof speaker system.


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