VisuaLinda: 3D Visualizatoin of Parallel Linda Programs

This paper describes the VisuaLinda system, which is an integration of a Linda server and a visualizer of parallel Linda programs. Since the visualization module is built in the Linda server, programmers do not need to put additional visualization primitives in their client programs in order to visualize the behavior of their programs. This framework significantly reduces the programmers' burden in debugging parallel programs, owing to the following two features. First, it minimizes the ``probe effect,'' which is one of the main concerns in monitoring parallel programs. Second, VisuaLinda uses three-dimensional space to display both the relation between the Linda server and the client programs, and the execution of client programs. This framework can be used to display a much larger number of processes than using 2D visualization techniques, see two relations simultaneously, improve the visibility of communication lines, and see each process's state as well as the overview of the execution.

- Hideki Koike, Tetsuji Takada, Toshiyuki Masui, "VisuaLinda: A Framework for Visualizing Parallel Linda Programs," vl, pp.174, 1997 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages (VL '97), 1997