interactive surfaces

Remote Pointing on Interactive Tabletop

AquaTop Display




Image correction techniques for 3D interactive surface using a transparent elastic gels

Image Correction for 3D Interactive Surface using Transparent Gels


Biri-biri: Pressure Sensitive Touch Interface with Electrical Stimulation


3D Interaction with a Large Wall Display using Transparent Markers

PhotoelasticTouch: Transparent Rubbery Tangible Interface on LCD

Transparent 2D Markers on LCD Tabletop Systems

Augmented Tabletop Video Game with Pinching Gesture Recognition

OHAJIKI: Flicking Gesture Recognition with a High Speed Camera

Palm Interface: a display personally to show information in public spaces, by using image processing

Palm Interface

EnhancedLazySuzan: Virtual and Real Rotary Table

Vision-based Interactive Advertisement System

Vision-based Hand/Finger Tracking for Large Displays

EnhancedMovie: Movie Editing on Augmented Desk

EnhancedTable: Supporting Small Group Meeting

EnhancedWall: Vision-based Face Tracking for Large Displays

Two-handed Drawing on Augmented Desk

SnapLink: Real-time Object Registration and Recognition

Vision-based Face Tracking System

Interactive Textbook: Natural and Intuitive Interface on Augmented Desk System

Perceptual Glove: Real-time Input of 3D Pose and Gestures