SplashDisplay: Volumetric Projecting Using Projectile Beads

‘Splash Display’ is a system developed to attempt a real time volumetric display system. This system implements air pressure generated by an x-y coordinate based projectile launching speaker through a bed of projectile beads to simulate a real-time 3D “explosion” like effect. The projectile beads act as a projection medium of a top-mounted visible light projector system; and through synchronised timing of these components, it is possible a create a 3D tangible effects at will. Also, by using IR LED and IR sensitive cameras, user interaction can be added to this system to allow for an interactive surface. The result of these components is an dynamic, interactive, real-time ‘explosion’ simulation game that can be used to confirm the innovative construct of this suggested system.

Yasushi Matoba, Taro Tokui, Toshiki Sato, Hideki Koike: SplashDisplay: Volumetric Projecting using Projectile Beads, ACM SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies, 2012.

Yasushi Matoba, Taro Tokui, Ryo Sato, Toshiki Sato, Hideki Koike: Splash Display, Laval Virtual 2012, 2012. (Laval Virtual Award of 3D Games and Entertainment)